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The Australian Journal of Earth Sciences

Current Issue
Volume 61/1

Using Research to Benefit Mineral Exploration: Examples of Recent Research Conducted at the Centre of Exploration Targeting (CET)
Hagemann, Witt & Fiorentini eds.

R. R. Loucks
Distinctive composition of copper-ore-forming arc magmas.

W. K. Witt, S. G. Hagemann & C. Villanes
Geochemistry and geology of spatially and temporally associated calc-alkaline (I-type) and K-rich (A-type) magmatism in a Carboniferous continental arc setting, Pataz gold mining district, northern Peru.

W. K. Witt, S. G. Hagemann, J. Ojala, C. Laukamp, T. Vennemann, Villanes, C. & V. Nykanen
Multiple methods for regional- to mine-scale targeting, Pataz gold field, northern Peru.

C. Nyakecho & S. G. Hagemann
An Overview of Gold Systems in Uganda.

L. Bagas, R. Boucher, B. Li, J. Miller, P. Hill, G. Depauw, J. Pascoe & B. Eggers
Paleoproterozoic stratigraphy and gold mineralisation in the Granites-Tanami Orogen, North Australian Craton.

S. J. Nichols & S. G. Hagemann
Structural and hydrothermal alteration evidence for early and late stages of gold mineralisation at the New Celebration Gold deposit in Western Australia.

S. S. Romano, N. J. M. Th├ębaud, D. R. Mole, M. T. D. Wingate, C. L. Kirkland & M. P. Doublier
Age constraints on komatiites in the Southern Cross Domain, Yilgarn Craton.

J. Martindale, S. Hagemann, D. Huston & L. Danyushevsky
Integrated stratigraphic-structural-hydrothermal alteration and mineralisation model for the Kangaroo Caves zinc-copper deposit, Western Australia.

A. S. D. Maskell, P. Duuring & S. G. Hagemann
Hydrothermal alteration events controlling magnetite-rich iron ore at the Matthew Ridge prospect, Jack Hills greenstone belt, Yilgarn Craton.

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