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Hunter Valley Branch

Nov 2017 HEDG Flyer
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HEDG - Hunter Valley Earth Sciences Discussion Group

HEDG formed in 2008 with the aim to increase the interaction between geoscientists in the Lower Hunter, promote geoscience, provide a platform to learn about current research and provide an opportunity for students to look at career options.

Upcoming talks and events

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Previous HEDG Meetings
28 November 2017
Topic: New earth science research from the University of Newcastle. Results of postgraduate research projects
Speaker: Jodie Rutledge (Honours candidate) speaking on 'A revised conodont stratigraphy of the Yarrangobilly and Cooleman limestones, southeastern NSW' and Michael Bell (Masters candidate) speaking on 'The geodynamic significance of the Gilmore Fault Zone, Lachlan Orogen: structural characteristics, kinematic history and timing'

10 October 2017
Topic: Aboriginal Earth: the heritage of Newcastle and the Hunter
Speaker: Dr Greg Blyton

15 August 2017
Topic: Plate tectonics and long-term climate: A deep time perspective of planetary climate (National Science Week - 2017 theme is ‘Future Earth’)
Speaker: Dr Sabin Zahirovic, EarthByte Group at the University of Sydney

27 June 2017
Topic: We built this city on rock and roll coal, an estuary and old workings - Building on our geological and industrial history: engineering challenges in Newcastle

Speaker: Dr Stephen Fityus and John Johnston

2 May 2017
Topic: New technological applications for geoscience
Speaker: Prof Richard Hillis (CEO, Deep Exploration Technologies Collaborative Research Centre)

21 March 2017
Speaker: Prof Ron Boyd (Conjoint Associate Professor, University of Newcastle)
Topic: 3D morphology and sedimentation of the SE Australian continental margin

22 November 2016
Speakers: Sean Melehan - Unravelling long-distance facies associations and sequence stratigraphy of the northern Sydney Basin.
Sebastian Wong - Provenance and structural evolution of the Yancannia Formation, southern Thomson Orogen.
Ryan Dwyer - Age and tectonic significance of the Louth Volcanics: implications for the evolution of the Tasmanides.

16 August 2016
Speakers: Ian Percival & Trudi Semeniuk
Topic: How geoheritage sites were identified in NSW in the late-1970s and early-1980s and geoheritage tool-kits.

21 June 2016
Speakers: Peter Stuart-Smith (presenter), Chris Woodfull, Bin Guo, & Lana Prendergast
Topic: A new regional structural / basin framework for the Gunnedah Basin and the southernmost extent of the Bowen Basin in NSW. 

24 May 2016
Speaker: Chris Yeats
Topic: Seafloor Mining - Boundless New Resources, or Pure Speculation?


Chair: John Greenfield
E: john.greenfield@industry.nsw.gov.au

Deputy Chair: John Watkins
E: rocsolid@bigpond.net.au

Secretary: Phil Gilmore
E: phil.gilmore@industry.nsw.gov.au

Treasurer: Phil K Seccombe
E: Phil.Seccombe@newcastle.edu.au

Committee members
Simone Meakin
Robert Musgrave
Bronwyn Witham