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Hunter Valley Branch

June 2017 HEDG Flyer
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HEDG - Hunter Valley Earth Sciences Discussion Group

HEDG formed in 2008 with the aim to increase the interaction between geoscientists in the Lower Hunter, promote geoscience, provide a platform to learn about current research and provide an opportunity for students to look at career options.

Upcoming talks and events
10 October 2017 - HEDG Meeting
Topic: The use of natural resources by local indigenous people (Earth Science Week 2017 theme is ‘Earth and Human Activity’)

Speaker: TBA
Location: McIntyre Theatrette, Newcastle Museum
Time: Drinks and nibbles at 6.00pm, presentation at 6.30pm

28 November 2017 - HEDG Meeting
Topic: New earth science research from the University of Newcastle. Results of postgraduate research projects.

Speaker: TBA
Location: McIntyre Theatrette, Newcastle Museum
Time: Drinks and nibbles at 6.00pm, presentation at 6.30pm

Previous HEDG Meetings
15 August 2017
Topic: Plate tectonics and long-term climate: A deep time perspective of planetary climate (National Science Week - 2017 theme is ‘Future Earth’)
Speaker: Dr Sabin Zahirovic, EarthByte Group at the University of Sydney

27 June 2017
Topic: We built this city on rock and roll coal, an estuary and old workings - Building on our geological and industrial history: engineering challenges in Newcastle

Speaker: Dr Stephen Fityus and John Johnston

2 May 2017
Topic: New technological applications for geoscience
Speaker: Prof Richard Hillis (CEO, Deep Exploration Technologies Collaborative Research Centre)

21 March 2017
Speaker: Prof Ron Boyd (Conjoint Associate Professor, University of Newcastle)
Topic: 3D morphology and sedimentation of the SE Australian continental margin

22 November 2016
Speakers: Sean Melehan - Unravelling long-distance facies associations and sequence stratigraphy of the northern Sydney Basin.
Sebastian Wong - Provenance and structural evolution of the Yancannia Formation, southern Thomson Orogen.
Ryan Dwyer - Age and tectonic significance of the Louth Volcanics: implications for the evolution of the Tasmanides.

16 August 2016
Speakers: Ian Percival & Trudi Semeniuk
Topic: How geoheritage sites were identified in NSW in the late-1970s and early-1980s and geoheritage tool-kits.

21 June 2016
Speakers: Peter Stuart-Smith (presenter), Chris Woodfull, Bin Guo, & Lana Prendergast
Topic: A new regional structural / basin framework for the Gunnedah Basin and the southernmost extent of the Bowen Basin in NSW. 

24 May 2016
Speaker: Chris Yeats
Topic: Seafloor Mining - Boundless New Resources, or Pure Speculation?


Chair: John Greenfield
E: john.greenfield@industry.nsw.gov.au

Deputy Chair: John Watkins
E: rocsolid@bigpond.net.au

Secretary: Phil Gilmore
E: phil.gilmore@industry.nsw.gov.au

Treasurer: Phil K Seccombe
E: Phil.Seccombe@newcastle.edu.au

Committee members
Simone Meakin
Robert Musgrave
Bronwyn Witham