The Three Sisters at Echo Point, Katoomba - image courtesy Paul Harvey

New South Wales

Talks & Events

Monthly Division Meetings

Location:  Club York, 95-99 York Street, Sydney
Date: Talks are held the 2nd Thursday of the month. 

Monthly Meetings Presentations on YouTube
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Upcoming Meetings and Events

13 August 2020 - GSA NSW Division AGM and technical talk

Details: We are looking for office bearers in all positions. Please email with expressions of interest or nominations
Speaker: Marissa Betts, University of New England

Topic: Assembling the Jelly Jigsaw
Time: 6.00pm 
Details: Zoom links will be sent to NSW Div members on Thursday prior to the meeting. There will be a quiz and question time for those joining us live. For more information please contact:⁠ 

10 Septmber 2020 - GSA NSW Division Online Meeting 
Speaker: Luke Milan, University of New England
Topic: TBA
Time: 6.00pm 
Details: Zoom links will be sent to NSW Div members on Thursday prior to the meeting. There will be a quiz and question time for those joining us live. For more information please contact:⁠ 

Past NSW Division Meetings, Events and Activities

9 July 2020 - GSA NSW Division Online Meeting 
Speaker: Gresley Wakelin-King, Wakelin Associates & La Trobe University
Topic: Australia’s longest coastal cliffs: size, reasons, and rarity
Speaker Bio: 
I’m  a process geomorphologist specialising in drylands rivers and broadscale studies in the Australian rangelands. After studying geology at the University of Queensland, I went regional mapping with the NT Geological Survey in lovely Alice Springs. During my doctoral work (ephemeral rivers in western NSW, from La Trobe university) I became interested in the application of geomorphology to sustainable land management. I realised recently that I’ve been working in the arid lands since Hawkie was Prime Minister.

14 May 2020 – NSW Division Online Talk
Speaker: David Och (UNSW Adjunct Associate Professor, 2019 Churchill Fellow, WSP, Sydney Metro West - Geotechnical Lead)
Topic: Geotechnical and geological findings from the Sydney Metro project/s

April 2020 – NSW Division Online Talk
Speaker: Patrick Smith (Aus Museum)
c: Trilobites and Isotopes

13 February 2020 - NSW Division Meeting

Peter Haas (Institute for Geosciences, Kiel University, Germany)
Topic: Linking gravity gradient inversion with seismological regionalization – Implications for the crustal thickness of Western Gondwana cratons 

31 October 2019 - NSW Division Meeting
Speakers: Honours and Masters Night (combined with GESSS NSW)
Honours and students speaker pretensions

31 October - 1 November 2019 - GESSS NSW
Description: GESSS NSW provides a fantastic opportunity to engage with a variety of students in a range of disciplines under the umbrella term of Earth Science. These kinds of interdisciplinary meetings can foster collaboration and be a route of exposure to new areas of research. GESSS is a fantastic way of keeping students up to date with the state of the art research being carried out across the state. 

10 October 2019 - NSW Division Meeting
Speaker: Eleanor Bruce (The University of Sydney)
Topic: Emerging applications of CubeSat technology to Earth sciences

12 September 2019 - NSW Division Meeting 

Benedicte Cenki-Tok (University of Sydney)
Rare metal concentration triggered by sulfide dynamic recrystallization
Location: Club York, 95-99 York Street, Sydney
Time: Drinks at 5.30pm, meeting at 6.00pm 

18 August 2019 - NSW Division at Royal Botanic Garden - Living Laboratory - Free Outdoor Festival of Science

Details: Join us for a huge outdoor event to celebrate the environmental sciences! Explore the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney to get hands-on with science experiments, explore behind-the-scenes, visit state-of-the-art science facilities and use scientific equipment! The GSA NSW Division will also be involved in activities and will have a booth
Location: Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, Lawns near the Learning Centre, Closest Garden Gate: Woolloomooloo

11 August 2019 - NSW Division at Australian Botanic Garden ‘Science in the Wild- Dinosaurs vs Superpowers’
Details: Join scientists at their stalls and they will show what amazing superpowers you find in nature. Super sight, super hearing, super strength and camouflage are only some of the capabilities you will discover. The incredible roving Dinosaur will be coming back as well and show you a bit of pre-historic fauna. The GSA NSW Division will also be involved in activities and will have a booth
Location: The Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan, Lakeside Lawn, Yandelora Drive , Mount Annan

8 August 2019 - NSW Division Meeting 
Speaker: Laurie Menviel (CCRC, UNSW)
Topic: Deglacial changes in ocean circulation and their impact on the global carbon cycle

11 July 2019 - NSW Division Meeting

Speaker: Sarah Kachovich (University of Queensland) 
Topic: Unlocking the biostratigraphical potential of radiolarians

17 June 2019 - Joint NSW Division Event - Distinguished Lecture
Speaker: Ross Large (UTAS)
Topics: Rhythms of Earth and Life through
Details: This event is brought to you by the AusIMM Geoscience Society, the AusIMM Sydney Branch, the Australian Institute of Geoscientists (AIG), the Sydney Mineral Exploration Discussion Group (SMEDG) and the Geological Society of Australia (GSA) NSW Division

13 June 2019 - NSW Division Meeting and GSA Annual General Meeting
Speaker: Steve Hill (Geoscience Australia)
Topic: Welcome to Planet, Continent and Country: and why geoscientists like YOU are key to this conversation

9 May 2019 - NSW Division Annual General Meeting

Speaker: Nathan Daczko (Macquarie University)
Impacts of reactive melt ascent through deep arc crust on melt evolution: recognising and investigating melt migration pathways/A cryptic Gondwana-forming orogen located in Antarctica

11 April 2019 - NSW Division Meeting
Speaker: Serge Smolonogov MAIG RPGeo
Topic: Changing Mine Geology Culture in Nevada - One Australian Expatriate, Two Years to Complete

14 March 2019 - NSW Division Meeting
Titus Murray (FaultSeal)
Topic: Faulting and ground water in the Southern Coal Fields

 14 February 2019 - NSW Division Meeting
Speaker: Amanda Thran (University of Sydney)
Topic: Piles of dirt on the seafloor: what can they tell us about bottom current activity? 


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Curious Minds – Girls in STEM

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