Granite of the Baikal Supersuite in the Mopunga Range, Northern Territory, photograph courtesy of Barry Reno

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19 Feb 2021 – NT Division Dinner 
Details: The GSA (NT Division) Annual Dinner is the premiere event on the NT Division’s calendar. The Annual Dinner is the largest gathering of NT-based and interstate geoscientists within private industry, government and academia. The dinner includes a three-course ‘a la carte’ meal and pre-dinner drinks including beer, wine and soft drinks.
Speaker: Dr David Rawlings, Exploration Manager Core Lithium

14 February 2020 - NT Division Annual Dinner
Details: The GSA (NT division) annual dinner is the premiere event on the NT division’s calendar. The annual dinner is the largest gathering of NT-based and interstate geoscientists within private industry, government and academia. 

Speakers: Stephen Pevely, Senior Resource Geologist from Energy Resources of Australia (talk topic: 
'The development of the Ranger Mine and the evolution of its orebody knowledge') and Pete Betts, from School of Earth, Atmosphere, and Environment, Monash University (talk topic: 'Earth Sciences – is it time to rethink our narrative?')
Location: Signatures Room at Hilton Darwin, 32 Mitchell Street, Darwin
Professor Michael Asten (School of Earth Atmosphere and Environment, Monash University). The talk summarises a joint effort with Kuan-Hui Elaine Lin (Univ of Taiwan) Carl Otto Weiss (PTB Braunschweig, Germany) Nicola Scafetta (Univ of Naples, Italy) and Alison Kelsey (U Qld), developed over three years at EGU 2017, 2018 and 2019.
Topic: Synchronous natural climate cycles of the Common Era, for Europe, China and globally – existence and implications for future temperature trends

27 September 2019 - NT Division Technical Talk
Speaker: Prof Zhang Shuanhong (Institute of Geomechanics, Chinese Academy of Geology)
Topic: Comparisons of large igneous provinces (LIPs) and black shales in North China and Northern Australian cratons: Implications for paleogeographic reconstruction, paleoenvironment and subdivision of the geological time scale
Location: Darwin NT Geological Survey office, 3rd Floor, Paspalis Centrepoint Building 
Note: This talk was streamed at 
the NT Geological Survey in the Arid Zone Research Institute, Stuart Hwy Alice Springs. The talk can also be streamed to other members, if interested please contact one of the NT Division committee members

8 February 2019 - NT Division Annual Dinner
Speaker: Jo Parr
Topic: Exploring the Ocean Floor - the last frontier

5 February 2019 - NT Division Annual General Meeting

7 November 2018 – 2018 Haddon Forrestor King Medal Seminar (Joint GSA NT Division/ASEG/AusIMM)
Speaker: Speaker: David R Cook (CODES, TMVC, UTAS)
Title: Porphyry copper, gold and molybdenum deposits - new geochemical exploration methods to aid discovery

31 October 2018 – NT Division Technical Presentation
Speaker: Neil Fernandes, PhD Candidate, Department of Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering, Queens University, Ontario
Title: The Proterozoic Vazante - Paracatu district, Brazil: Meta-siliciclastic rocks as potential metal sources of carbonate-hosted Zn-mineralization

14 September 2018 – NT Division Talk
Speakers: David L Huston (speaker), Michael Doublier (Geoscience Australia), Sally Pehrsson (Geological Survey of Canada), Bruce Eglington (University of Saskatchewan), Steve Piercey (Memorial University of Newfoundland)
: Secular variations of tectonometallogenic systems 

24 August 2018  
Speakers: Gary Price (Bowgan Minerals, speaker) and Aaron Brown
Topic: Exploration of the 8 Fingers uranium prospect using biogeochemical methods, Bowgan Uranium Project, Barkly tablelands, Northern Territory

18 May 2018  
Speakers: Nassar Pragt and Pierre-Olivier Bruna (Delft University of Technology, Netherlands)
Topic: Reconstructing the geological history and predicting fracture network arrangement in the McArthur Basin, NT Australia

2 February 2018
Speaker: Dr Grant Cox (University of Adelaide)
Topic: The Neoproterozoic: from Snowball Earth to Atmospheric Oxygenation

31 January 2018
NT Division Annual General Meeting

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