Porcupine Gorge - image courtesy Warwick Willmott 


Email: gsa.qld@gmail.com

Talks & Events

Monthly Division Meetings
Date: Fourth Tuesday of each month
Location: Transcontinental Hotel, 482 George St, Brisbane (unless specified elsewhere)

Weekly Informal get-together for Explorers, Miners & other Geoscientists
Date: Every Wednesday evening: GeoPub
Location: Pig 'N' Whistle - Bottom of the Queen Street Mall, Brisbane CBD - in the Beer Garden Section
Time: 5.30pm

Upcoming Events and Meetings

18 March 2021 – GSA QLD Division & AIG Students meet Industry – Industry Panel and Networking Event
Topic: “Unconventional and conventional careers for geoscientists”
Location: Transcontinental Hotel, 482 George Street, Brisbane
Time: Networking from 5.15pm, Panel from 6.00pm
Registration: More details to come

Previous Division Meetings

22 September 2020 - Queensland Division Technical Talk - Virtual and Face-to-Face Meeting
This meeting will  be streamed by Zoom and held face-to-face
Speaker: Dr Matt Valetich from the Geological Survey of Queensland

25 August 2020 - Queensland Division Technical Talk & AGM - Virtual and Face-to-Face Meeting
This meeting will  be streamed by Zoom with the option to also hold a face-to-face meeting if circumstances are favourable. A nomination form for the Divisional Committee is included in the August newsletter
Technical Talk 
Topic: Hyperspectral scanning applications in coal measures
Speaker: Professor Joan Esterle, University of Queensland


24 June 2020 - GSA Queensland Division, June Technical Webinar (joint with AIMM and AIG)
The June Technical Talk will be a joint meeting with AIMM and AIG, presenting another update on exploration in Queensland. 
Time: 12 noon to 1pm
Webinar with Rob Murdoch presenting
Registration: This
 webinar is provided at no cost but please note that registration is required. Please click here to register


24 March 2020 - GSA Queensland Division Meeting - Cancelled
Speaker: Joan Esterle (University of Queensland)
Topic: A review of hyperspectral applications in coal measures

28 April 2020 - GSA Queensland Division, April Technical Talk and AGM
Talk Cancelled - AGM Postponed. Date to be advised
Topic: TBC
Guest speaker: Professor Peter Betts from Monash University, the inaugural GSA Travelling Lecturer.
Agenda: Presentation of reports and election of committee for 2020–21 (see nomination form February/March 2020 newsletter)

25th February 2020 - QLD Division - Technical Talk
The GSAQ first technical meeting for 2020 will be on 25 February. There will be two shorter talks with a Geotourism/geotrails theme.

First Topic: Logging of a new geotrail in southern Queensland – the Kilkivan to Kingaroy Rail Trail
Speaker: Bill D’Arcy and George Winter

Second Topic: On the trail of the Ice-age Floods: geotouring in the Channelled Scablands of Eastern Washington State, USA.
Speaker: Ian Withnall
Summary: The Channelled Scablands are a relatively barren and soil-free region of interconnected relict flood channels, coulees and dry cataracts eroded into loess and the flat-lying Miocene Columbia Plateau basalt flows in the eastern part of the U.S. state of Washington. The channelled scablands are thought to have been scoured by more than 40 cataclysmic floods, unleashed when a large glacial lake repeatedly drained, and the waters swept across the Columbia Plateau during the during the Last Glacial Maximum between 18,000 and 13,000 years ago.  
The idea was originally proposed by J Harlen Bretz in the 1920s, but he was subjected to ridicule and scepticism for several decades before he was finally vindicated.


Chair: Nick Dyriw

Vice Chair: Ian Withnall

Hon. Secretary: Mark Pirlo

Hon. Treasurer: Aldo van Heeswijck

Membership Secretary: Aldo van Heeswijck

Assistant Treasurer: Friedrick von Gnielinski

Education Subcommittee & Awards Convenor: Laurie Hutton

Newsletter Editor: Chris Taylor

GSA Publications: Warwick Willmott

 GSA Governing Councillor & GESSS Mentor: Nick Dyriw

ASG Representative: Kat Gioseffi

Bowen Basin Geologists Group Representative: Ken O'Reilly

Central Queensland Regional Representative: Andrew Williams

Northern Queensland Regional Representative: Vacant

PESA Representative: Kat Gioseffi

Video Library: Friedrick von Gnielinski

Rock & Mineral Collections for Schools: Tony Shellshear

Committee Members
Valeria Bianchi
Kat Gioseffi
Lloyd Hamilton
Tony Shellshear
Katarzyna Sobczak