South Australian Geological Heritage

Evidence of the geological processes that formed the Earth, and of the plants and animals that have lived on it, is all around us; - in landforms and natural rock outcrops, river banks, sea cliffs and shore platforms, in road cuttings, mines, quarries and other excavations.

Some of the features displayed at these sites are so outstanding or so rare that they are part of our natural heritage and need to be recognised, described, protected and enjoyed. 

Formerly described as Geological Monuments, they are now called Geological Heritage Sites.

Since 1977, a Sub-committee within the South Australian Division of the GSA has published nine Parts of ‘Geological Monuments in South Australia’ which describe 433 individual places with geological  heritage status.

These were originally produced in a few hard copies available only to various regulatory bodies on the basis that public knowledge of such places might lead to desecration of the features of value.

However it is now recognised that, except for places with valuable mineral specimens, fossil assemblages and other collectables, public awareness can lead to better protection and more opportunities for research and student activities.

‘Geological Monuments in South Australia, Parts 1-9’ can be downloaded below