South Australian Geology Field Brochures

The Geological Society of Australia (SA Division) plans to provide easy-to-understand field information on South Australian geology to all those interested in the earth sciences.

This public information is offered in the form of guides to specific localities or regions within South Australia that are of special interest for educational purposes.

Each brochure will focus on a specific region and geological theme.

All brochures are offered in simple A4 sheets that may be conveniently reproduced and readily utilised during field inspections. These sheets are also freely available for printing and folding into three for placement in a brochure stand. Reading of all brochures will be assisted by use of the Geological Time Scale that is provided at the above link.

These brochures have been prepared under the auspices of the Field Guide Subcommittee of the Geological Society of Australia (SA Division).

Enquiries regarding these field brochures may be directed to:

Chairperson Field Guide Subcommittee Geological Society of Australia SA (SA Division)
Ian D Lewis
Geoscientist, Groundwater Team
Groundwater Assessment and Reporting
Water Science and Monitoring Branch  I  Water and River Murray Division
Department for Environment and Water 
[email protected]

The Geological Society of Australia (SA Division) acknowledges the assistance of the Mineral and Energy Division, Geological Survey of South Australia, Department for Energy and Mining, in the production of these brochures.

The Mineral and Energy Division has produced a virtual field trip for Hallett Cove based on the GSA (SA Division) Hallett Cove Geological Trail brochure. Please click here to access the Hallett Cove Virtual Field Trip.

Fleurieu Peninsula Geotales

Waite Conservation Reserve Field Excursion Guide
Geology of the Clarendon-Ochre Cove Fault Scarp’ brochure
Magpie Creek Geological Trail

Coorong Geological Trail
(Adobe PDF File)
Robe Geological Trail
(Adobe PDF File)