Walter Howchin Medal

The Walter Howchin Medal is awarded annually to a researcher in the early stage of their career that is distinguished by their significant published research work within the earth sciences in South Australia. The medal also commemorates the pioneering contribution of Walter Howchin (1845-1937) who worked for more than 50 years in South Australia documenting the State’s geology in more than 80 papers and teaching at the University of Adelaide.

Walter Howchin’s contribution is remarkable given that he first arrived in South Australia at the age of 37 in such a sick condition that he was carried from the ship. And after a slow recovery, he lived a full and active life as a geologist until his death in 1937 at the age of 92 years.

At 57 years, Howchin gained his first permanent geological appointment as Lecturer at the University of Adelaide. He was later appointed Professor of Geology and Palaeontology in 1918 before his retirement in 1920 at the age of 75.

Howchin’s geological contribution provides the foundation for much of the geological knowledge of our State. His research led to the first stratigraphic subdivision of the Adelaide Geosyncline succession. On an international scale, he recognised the late Precambrian glaciation and did more than anyone to publicise its international significance. In 1918, he published “The Geology of South Australia” which remained a University reference text for more than 30 years.

Today Howchin is an unsung hero of South Australian geology and the Howchin Medal seeks to highlight his achievements.

Walter Howchin Medallists
                2018 - Laura Morrisey                                 2017 - Stijn Glorie                                 2016 - Tom Raimondo
       Anthony Reid (L) accepting for Laura Morrisey         Alan Collins accepting for Stijn Glorei with Anna Petts          Tom Raimondo (R) and Barry Cooper (L)
       2016 - Claire Wade
                             2015 - Rian Dutch                                    2014 - Katherine Howard
Claire Wade (R) and Barry Cooper (L)                        Rian Dutch with Anna Petts                      Katherine Howard (L), Anna Petts (M) and Richard Hillis (R)
       2013 - Ros King                            2012 - Caroline Tiddy                                          2011 - Simon Holford
     Ros King and Kevin Wills                                 Caroline Tiddy and Kevin Wills                                Simon Holford (L) and Len Altman (R)
         2010 - Narelle Neumann                   2009 - Anthony Reid                        2008 - Justin Payne  
Narelle Neumann (L) and Caroline Tiddy (R)  Anthony Reid (L) and Patrick Lyons (R)                Justin Payne (R) and Ian Clark (R)      
             2007 - Ben Wade                                2006 - Christopher Clark                                    2005 - Nick Direen
    Ben Wade (L) and Nick Direen (R)       (L-R) Maude McBriar, Ian Clark, Derek Carter and Graham Taylor        Nick Direen (R) and Graham Taylor (L)