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3 December 2020: 10th Geoscience Forum, Tasmania
The GSA TAS Division, AusIMM Tasmania Branch, IAG and Tasmanian Government are pleased to bring you the 10th Geoscience Forum. The purpose of this forum is to assemble geoscientists in one pleasant place to share their progress in exploration, mining and research. This event is for sharing results and ideas in the geosciences and learning more about geology, in particular the geology of Tasmania. Field trips are planned the day after the Forum to visit historic and geological sites of interest.
Expressions of Interest for Guest Speakers: Please email the Tasmanian Branch if you have any suggestions for speakers (
Location: Strahan Village, The Esplanade, Strahan, Tasmania
Time: 9 am - 5 pm, 7 pm Forum Dinner
Registrations: Click here
Field Trips: Friday, 4 December 2020

Previous Division Meetings
31 October 2020: Spring Field Trip to the Tasman Peninsula

13 October 2020 - GESSS-TAS, Virtual Symposium
In response to the COVID pandemic, GSA Earth Sciences Student Symposium (GESSS) will be entirely online and held during Earth Science Week 2020 (12 – 16 October). The Earth Science Week theme is Earth Materials in Our Lives. Participants will be encouraged (but not obligated) to base their presentations around this theme. Each day's session will be organised by a GESSS committee representing a different state - NSW, WA, QLD, TAS and the ACT. Daily sessions will be 2.5 hours in length with the first 2 hours dedicated to 6-8 student presentations and the final 20 minutes will be an INTRA GSA for participants and viewers to network.

Convened by Earth and Marine Science students from the University of Tasmania (UTAS), the symposium will provide students with a unique opportunity to be the stars of the show, promoting themselves and their interests and talents to prospective employers, mentors, academic supervisors and fellow students in a variety of fields. This conference is an initiative of the Geological Society of Australia’s (GSA) Governing Council, the Tasmania Division of the GSA, and UTAS postgraduate students, and we hope it will be widely attended by appreciators of water, rock, the environment, and life. We aspire for this conference to benefit students at all levels by providing broader exposure to other Earth Science sub-disciplines, as well as providing examples of good scholarly research and project management. 
Time: Tuesday GESSS TAS will be held on 13th of October, 5 - 7 pm
Further details, abstract submissions and registrations coming soon! See:
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6 August 2020 - TAS Division Meeting & AGM
Speaker: Peter McGoldrick
Topic: Tasmania's oldest fossil Horodyskia williamsi: animal, mineral or vegetable?

12 March 2020 - TAS Division Meeting

Kit Chun Lai (Ex CODES) 
The Kalimantan Gold Belt: An Overview
Location: Room Geo211, Geology Building, University of Tasmania 
Time: 6.00pm 

27 Feb 2020 - TAS Division Meeting
Gerrit Olivier (Applied Geophysics at Institute of Mine Seismology) 
Insights in to the 2018 eruption of Kilauea Volcano from ambient seismic noise and the application of seismic noise for imaging and monitoring in mines 

30 January 2020 - TAS Division Meeting

Speaker: Sandy Cruden (Monash University) 
Topic: Direction of intrusion of the Tasmanian Jurassic and its implications for Gondwana break up

5-6 December 2019 -Tasmanian Geoscience Forum
Details: The Tasmanian Geoscience Forum,  co-hosted by the GSA, AusIMM and AIG, will assemble geoscientists in one pleasant place to share their progress in exploration, mining and research. This event is for sharing results and ideas in the geosciences and learning more about geology, in particular the geology of Tasmania. Colin Jones will be coordinating a field trip to explain the features we observe in the east coast granites
Location: Tidal Waters Resort, St Helens, 1 Quail Street, St Helens, Tasmania
Time: 9.00am – 5.00pm Forum, 7.00pm Forum Dinner
Website and registration:

16 November 2019 - GSA TAS Leslie Vale Quarry Working Bee
Details: Collecting and trimming rocks for school kits

13 November 2019 - GSA TAS Division Meeting
Speaker: Karyn Gardner
Topic: Ore Deposit knowledge - the value of continuous improvement, Lihir Gold deposit

17 October 2019 - GSA TAS Division Meeting
Speaker: Jonathan Cloutier (UTAS)
Topic: Lithostratigraphic, structural and hyperspectral reconstruction of the Zn-Pb-Cu-Ag-Au Lemarchant volcanogenic massive sulphide (VMS) deposit, Tally Pond group, central Newfoundland, Canada

23 September 2019 - TAS Division Meeting
Speaker: Matthew Ferguson (Entura)
Topic: Faults, a basalt pile, and landslides around Tarraleah, Central Tasmanian Highlands

22 August 2019 - Joint GSA TAS Division & AIG Event Winter Antarctic Night
Speakers: Alessandro Maritati (Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies) and Barbara Frankel (Australian Antarctic Division). 
Topics: Alessandro talk entitled 'Exploring geology under the ice in interior east Antarctica: a journey in deep time' and Barbara's talk entitled 'The Cape Adare pendant'

14 July 2019 - Joint GSA TAS Division and Royal Society of Tasmania Meeting

Speaker: Claire Kain (Mineral Resources Tasmania)
Topic: Hazards of flooding and flood modelling for Northern Tasmania

13 July 2019 - GSA TAS Division Field Trip
Field Trip Leader: Dave Gray
Bellingham-Weymouth Field Trip

27 June 2019 - GSA TAS Division Annual General Meeting 
Speaker: Jocelyn McPhie (UTAS)
Topic: Underwater volcanoes
Details: Jocelyn McPhie was also awarded the
 W. H. Twelvetrees Medal

23 May 2019 - GSA TAS Division Meeting 
Speaker: Andrew Gleadow
Topic: Dating Aboriginal art sites around Australia

11 April 2019 - GSA TAS Division Meeting 
Speaker: Matthew McDowell (University of Tasmania)
Topic: Quaternary marsupial fossils of Australia and Tasmania

25 March 2019 - TAS Division Field Trip
Details: To complement the ‘Dinosaur and Evolution of Life Symposium’ a field trip was held which visited some of the Early Triassic vertebrate localities in the Hobart area including Conningham localities and the Old Beach vertebrate fossil locality.

23-24 March 2019 - A Symposium: Dinosaurs and Evolution of Life (Royal Society of Tasmania, GSA TAS Division and The University of Tasmania)

 2 day symposium highlighting recent advances in understanding the evolution of life on Earth, with a focus on Dinosaurs. 

21 March 2019 - Joint GSA Meeting with ASEG
Speaker: Paul Winberry (Central Washington University)
Topic: How Much? How Fast? Seismology's role in understanding the future of Antarctica's ice sheets


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