Cradle Mountain, Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, Tasmania


Talks & Events

22-24 October 2018 – Garry Davidson Symposium
Details: The Garry Davidson Symposium honours Garry’s memory by providing a state-of-the-art appraisal of the characteristics, origins and exploration for these significant mineral resources.
Topics: IOGC and related deposits, uranium deposits, sediment-hosted base metal deposits, VHMS deposits and orogenic and intrusion-related Au.
Location: CODES, Centre for Ore Deposits and Earth Sciences, University of Tasmania
Cost: $110 for symposium for CODES staff/students, $1,760-$1,980 for symposium for industry participants (or $660 per day) and $110 for conference dinner

Registration and payment: Please download program and registration form below 

16 November 2018 – GESSS TAS
Description: GESSS TAS is an event that brings together Earth Science undergraduate, honours, masters and doctoral students in a forum where they can present research to the local scientific community, gain experience in communicating research findings, promote their talents to future employers, and expand their knowledge on other research areas.
Location: Discipline of Earth Sciences, UTAS (Sandy Bay Campus)
Registrations: Please 
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Abstracts: Please email your abstract to before Friday October 19, 2018
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6-7 December 2018 – Tasmanian Geoscience Forum
Location: Tall Timbers, Smithton
Time: TBA

Previous Division Meetings

7 October 2018 – TAS Division Field Trip
Details: 'Volcanoes of the Derwent Valley' led by Phil Sansom
Location: Derwent Valley

13 September 2018 – TAS Division Meeting
Speaker: Mike Hall (Monash University)
Topic: The late Cambrian rift system and the Tabberabberan Orogeny in western Tasmania

23 August 2018 – TAS Division Dinner
Speaker: Nic Haygarth (Heritage Tasmania)
Topics: History of mining in Tasmania

11 July 2018
Speaker: Todd Halihan (Oklahoma State University)
Topic: McElhinny Lecture (Joint IAH/GSA meeting)

28 June 2018 
Speaker: Rebecca Carey
Topic: Evolution of the 2018 Kilauea East Rift Eruption, Hawai'i

31 May 2018 – TAS Division Annual General Meeting
Speaker: Claire Kain (MRT)
Topic: Alluvial fan flooding and debris flow hazard at Caveside, Tasmania: A sediment and modelling analysis of the 2011 and 2016 events

7 April 2018 – TAS Division Field Trip
Location: Near Maydena

22 March 2018
Speaker: Dr Adam Soule (Chief Scientist of the National Deep Submergence Facility, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute)
Topic: Humans, Robots, and the most active volcanic systems on Earth

 12 October 2017
Topic: PNG and the minerals potential of the Papuan Peninsula
Speaker: Bob Findlay

24 August 2017
Topic: Geotrourism in Tasmania
Speakers: Ralph Bottrill, Clive Calver, Keith Corbett, Peter Manchester and Andy Spate

12 July 2017
Topic: Using geophysics to empower communities to study and understand the Earth beneath their feet
Speaker: Michelle Salmon, ANU

 1 June 2017
Topic: A new view on the initiation of intra-oceanic arcs: adventures in the SW Pacific and Ordovician of the Lachlan Fold Belt
Speaker: Dr. Sebastien Meffre, University of Tasmania

6 March 2017 

Topic: Where can geology take you?
Speaker: Professor Ross Large


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