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Talks and Events
Monthly Division Meetings

Date: Last Thursday of each month (Except January and December)
Location: Fritz Loewe Theatre, McCoy Building, University of Melbourne
Time: 5.30pm for a 6.15pm start
Contact: Michelle Grosser, email
Details are also posted on the Victorian website

GeoPub Melbourne 

Date: Every second Friday of the month
Location: Little Mule Café, 19 Somerset Place, Melbourne
Time: Starts ~5.30 pm, casual, relaxed, ends when we go home
For more information contact:

Upcoming events

29 August 2019 - Victoria Division Monthly Meeting
Speaker: Gavin Mudd (RMIT University)
Location: School of Earth Sciences, University of Melbourne
Time: 5.30pm for a 6.15pm start

30 September 2019 - GSA Victoria - Selwyn Symposium 2019
Topic: The co-evolution of life and Precambrian environments. The symposium speakers will focus on integrated geobiological, stratigraphic, sedimentological and geochemical research on Earth’s surface evolution to bring new complexity to our understanding of Precambrian habitats.
Location: Fritz Lowe Theatre, Earth Sciences Building, University of Melbourne (Parkville)
Time: 0800 - 1930
Price: GSA Member $100 / Non member $120
GSA Student Member $50 / Non student member $100
Registration: Please click here


Previous Meetings

25 July 2019 - Victoria Division Monthly Meeting
Speakers: Michael Webster (Golder Associates)
Topic: The geology of Melbourne

27 June 2019 - Victoria Division Howitt Lecture with Royal Society of Victoria
Speaker: Stephen Gallagher (University of Melbourne)
Topic: Monsoons to desert: International Ocean Discovery Program digs deep to reveal 50 million years of climate and ocean history off West Australia

2 May 2019 - Victoria Division Annual General Meeting (formerly 25th April)
Speakers: Graeme Beardsmore (Hot Dry Rocks)
Topic: Heat Flow: The neglected potential field for mineral exploration
Location: Hills Lab, McCoy 220 School of Earth Sciences, University of Melbourne

28 March 2019 - Victoria Division Monthly Meeting
Speaker: James Grove (University of Melbourne) and Susan Lawrence (La Trobe University)
Topic: Holes, heaps and homogenisation: how historic gold mining in Victoria changed geomorphological and legal landscapes

 28 February 2019 - Victoria Division Monthly Meeting
Speaker: Vince Morand (La Trobe University)
Topic: Landslides in Kyrgyzstan

 28 November 2018 - Victoria Division Monthly Meeting
Speaker: Neville Rosengren (La Trobe University)
Topic: Small is important - how can we retain (and maintain) local geoscience sites

8-9 November 2018 – VUEESC
Description: The 31st VUEESC was held at Monash University. The conference was open to oral and poster presentations from Honours, Masters and PhD students across Victoria, for students to present their research to the local scientific community. The conference allowed students to gain experience in communicating their research findings through oral and poster presentations, to promote their talents to future employers, to discover ares of research at other universities or departments and to meet new people in the Earth Science field. 

25 October 2018 - Victoria Division Monthly Meeting and Selwyn Medal Presentation to Dr Stephen Carey (Federation University)
Speaker: Dr Sandra McLaren
Topic: Hot rocks in a cold place: possible clues to ice sheet dynamics from the continental rocks in southern and central Australia

27 September 2018 - Victoria Division Monthly Meeting & Selwyn Lecture
Speaker: Alan D Partridge
Topic: The Elephants in the Gippsland Basin

30 August 2018 - Victoria Division Monthly Meeting
Speaker: Dr John Moreau (The University of Melbourne)
Topic: A newer and simpler approach to microbial bioremediation of wastewater from gold ore processing

26 July 2018 - Victoria Division Monthly Meeting 
Speakers: Postgraduate students Anindita Samsu (Monash University), Sina Khatami (University of Melbourne) and Apoorv Jyoti (University of Melbourne)

Topic: Anindita's presentation 'structural inheritance in rift basins using multi-scale fracture data to reveal the interaction between basement rocks and the overlying sedimentary rocks of the onshore Gippsland Basin', Sina's presentation 'Evaluating conceptual (hydrologic) models: overview and the new approach of Flux Mapping' and Apoorv's presentation
 'Dissolution patterns and rates in a heterogeneous limestone studied by using a multi-component reactive transport model at the pore scale'

28 June 2018Victoria Division Howitt Lecture with the Royal Society of Victoria
Speaker: David Cantrill
Topic: The Great South Land: connecting the floras of the Southern hemisphere through the Antarctic fossil record

31 May 2018 - Victoria Division Monthly Meeting 
Speaker: Prof Trevor Ireland (ANU)
Topic: Field trips to the asteroids

26 April 2018 - Victoria Division Annual General Meeting
Speaker: Dr. Gresley Wakelin-King (Wakelin Associates)
Topic: Topic: Landscapes of the Diamantina: greenfields geomorphology investigations supporting sustainable land use

29 March 2018
Speaker: Dr Jim Peter Driscoll (Monash University)
Topic: Soft Rock versus Hard Rock: Using sedimentological principles to constrain the structural evolution of a late Cambrian–Early Ordovician rift event, central northern Tasmania

22 February 2018
Speaker: Dr Chris Hall (Australian Synchrotron)
Topic: Imaging and Medical beamline (IMBL): revealing material structures in 3D

GSAV Student Research Scholarships
The scholarship is valued at up to $500 for travel within Australia and $700 for travel outside of Australia. The number of and value of the scholarships awarded each year is made at the discretion of the GSA(Vic) committee. Funding will not be granted retrospectively and applicants are asked to submit forms no later than 6 weeks prior to their trip to give the committee time to consider the application. For more information and application form click here

Applicants must be members of the GSA and enrolled in a full-time degree at a Victorian Tertiary institution and undertaking research in Geology. The scholarship will be awarded to assist with conference travel for honours and postgraduate students, who are presenting (either poster or talk) at the conference. Honours and postgraduate students that receive this scholarship will be required to submit a report for publication in ‘The Victorian Geologist’ newsletter following their trip. A presentation may also be requested by the committee, which will consist of a short 10-15 minute presentation prior to the monthly seminar. Students who have previously received a GSAV research scholarship are not eligible. Scholarships and bursaries from other sources are acceptable.

Applications forms can be scanned and emailed to: or mailed to:
Geology Research Scholarships Victoria
Geological Society of Australia (Victoria Division)
GPO Box 2355
Melbourne VIC 3001

More information can be found by contacting Barbara Wagstaff,

GSAV Postgraduate Research Grant Scheme
The Geological Society of Australia (Victoria Division) is pleased to announce the launch of a new Postgraduate Research Grant Scheme for the encouragement of research in Earth Science. Projects should address Victorian problems, although research that extends beyond the State will not be excluded.

Under this Scheme, beginning in 2019, each year two Ph.D. students will be given grants of $5000 per annum for two years. The award applications must be lodged online through the GSA Victoria website,, and will include an outline of no more than 300 words of the proposed project.  Applications for the 2019 grant year will open Thursday the 1st of November 2018 and close at 5 pm Friday the 14th of December.

A selection panel appointed by the GSA Victoria will judge the submissions and the panel will reserve the right to make as many awards as they feel appropriate, within the constraints of the budget.

Successful applicants will be notified no later than the 2019 February committee meeting.  The awards will then be announced to the members at the April Annual General Meeting and will be published in The Victorian Geologist.

Each successful awardee will generally be required to provide a presentation to the GSA Victoria Division.  If this is not feasible, the awardee will provide a short report of an aspect of their research to be published in The Victorian Geologist. 


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