GSA Earth Sciences Student Symposia (GESSS)

GESSS is a national program of symposia and an initiative of the Geological Society of Australia. Student conferences organised by students for students nationally. Registration is free for Students and Non Student GSA Members. For more information about GESSS contact

GESSS 2019
Please see below for details on GESSS for 2019.

31 October - 1 November 2019 - GESSS NSW

Description: GESSS NSW provides a fantastic opportunity to engage with a variety of students in a range of disciplines under the umbrella term of Earth Science. These kinds of interdisciplinary meetings can foster collaboration and be a route of exposure to new areas of research. GESSS is a fantastic way of keeping students up to date with the state of the art research being carried out across the state. 
Location: Leighton Hall, University of New South Wales
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Abstracts:  Closing date 3rd Oct  2019.  For more information and to submit your abstracts, please click here.
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Committee: Elizabeth Dowding (UNSW) - Chair; Hongyan Quan (UNSW) - Vice-Chair; Katie Coleborn (UNSW) - Treasurer; Janice Leung (UNSW); Bonnie Teece (UNSW), Georgia Soares (UNSW); Seyedeh Mahbube Mousavifard (UNSW); Sizah Nawzad (UNSW)

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8 November 2019 - GESSS SA

Description: The aim of GESSS SA is to connect young researchers in South Australia from across the three institutes; University of South Australia, University of Adelaide and Flinders University, to come together and present their research to the local scientific community. Our annual event supports students to promote their talents to future employers, to discover areas of research at other universities or departments, and to meet new people within the Earth sciences field
Keynote Speaker: Zoe Doubleday (University of South Australia)
Location: Bradley Forum, Hawke Building, University of South Australia
Website: Please click here
Abstracts: for more information, please email
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Committee: Adrienne Brotodewo (UniSA) - Chair; Amy Tschirn (Flinders) - Vice-Chair; Zhen He (Flinders) - Treasurer; Dillon Brown (uniofadelaide) - Secretary; Mandy Shao (uniofadelaide) - sponsorship; Michael Curtis (uniofadelaide) - sponsorship; Isaac Kerr (Flinders) - Programme/Abstracts;  Jacob Van Zoelen (Flinders) - Programme/Abstracts; Jarred Lloyd (uniofadelaide) - Media

12 November 2019 - GESSS Q

Description: The GSA Earth Sciences Student Symposium Queensland (GESSSQ) is an annual student-run conference held in Brisbane. It is an initiative of the Geological Society of Australia (GSA) and is supported by a network of industry partners. This unique symposium grants students the opportunity to communicate their research to the wider scientific community, and allows them to network with academics and industry professionals. 
Location: Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Owen J. Wordsworth Room (S-Block). Gardens Point campus (Address: 2 George Street, Brisbane, 4000)
Time: 8:00am – 7:00pm
Keynote Speaker: Marina Costelloe (Geoscience Australia)
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Abstracts: Please submit here
Committee: Mardi McNeil (QUT) - Chair; Kristy Guerin (QUT) - Vice-Chair and Sponsorship; Honor Wilson (QUT) - Secretary; Joseph Knafelc (QUT) - Treasurer; Kathryn (Liz) Elphick (QUT) - Programme/Abstracts; Lisa Kearney (QUT) - Website and Advertising; Lana Wenham (QUT) - Website and Advertising; Thomas Cotter (QUT); Nick Dyriw (QUT); Patrick Hayman (QUT)

29 November 2019 - GESSS WA
Description: GESSS WA allows Honours, Masters and PhD students to present their research to the local scientific community, to gain experience in communicating their research findings through oral and poster presentations, to promote their talents to future employers, to discover areas of research at other universities, or departments, and to meet new people in the Earth Sciences field. 2018 held the first of the Western Australian GESSS series with the aim to continue the initiative into 2019 and alternate between the host universities; The University of Western Australia and Curtin University.
Location: Elizabeth Jolley Lecture Theatre, Curtin University
Website: Please click here
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Committee: Rick Verbene (Curtin) - Chair; David Nathan (UWA) - Treasurer; Julian Chard (Curtin) - Secretary; Erin Martin (Curtin) - Sponsorship; Alex Walker (Sponsorship) - Curtin; Jo Moore (Curtin) - Programme;  Tommaso Tacchetto (Curtin) - Abstract Volume; Vickie Cousins (Curtin) - Venue and Catering; Tanja Neidhart (Curtin) - Social Media; Manuel Knorsch (Murdoch) - Murdoch Rep; Morgan Cox (Curtin); Ruairidh Mitchell (Curtin)