GSA Earth Sciences Student Symposium (GESSS)

GESSS is a national program of symposia and an initiative of the Geological Society of Australia. Student conferences organised by students for students nationally. Registration is free for Students and Non Student GSA Members. For more information about GESSS contact


GESSS 2018
In 2018, GESSS events around Australia included:

29 October 2018 - GESSS QLD
Location: The University of Queensland
Website: Please click here
Committee: Roslyn Dalton (UQ) - Chair; Clint Caldicott (UQ) - Secretary; Alex Wheeler (UQ) - Treasurer; Owen Welsh (UQ) - Sponsorship Officer; Honor Wilson (QUT) - Website Administration and Communications; Liz Elphick (QUT) - Program and Abstracts

16 November 2018 – GESSS TAS
Location: The University of Tasmania
Website: Please click here for more details
Committee: Sian Tooze - Chair; Matthew Ferguson; Tom Shcaap (all UTAS)

29 November 2018 - GESSS WA
Location: The University of Western Australia
Website: Please 
click here
Committee: Vic Hollaway (UWA) - Chair; Julian Chard (Curtin) - Vice-Chair;  Erin Martin (Curtin) - Secretary; Adam Nordsvan (Curtin) - Abstracts and social media; Vitor Barrote (Curtin) - Curtin HDR committee rep.; Liam Olden; Sean Makin (Curtin), Lillian Kendall-Langley (UWA)

3-4 December 2018 - GESSS NSW
Location: The University of Sydney
Website: Please click here
Committee: Amanda Thran (USYD) - Chair; Anthony Lanati (MQU) - Advisor from 2017;  Sabin Zahirovic (USYD) - Faculty Advisor; Claire Mallard (USYD) - Faculty Advisor

5 December 2018 - GESSS SA
Location: The University of Adelaide
Website: Please click here
Committee: Drew Lubiniecki (UniAde) - Chair; Adrienne Brotodewo (UniSA) - Vice-Chair; Georgie Virgo (UniAde) - Treasurer and Sponsorship; Renée Tamblyn (UniAde) - Program; Jacinta Greer (UniAde) - Advertising and social media; Sheree Armistead (UniAde);