GSA Earth Sciences Student Symposium (GESSS)

GESSS is an initiative of the Geological Society of Australia. Student conferences organised by students for students in NSW, QLD, SA, TAS & WA. Registration is free for Students and Non Student GSA Members.

GESSS 2018
In 2018, GESSS events around Australia included:

29 October 2018 - GESSS QLD
Location: The University of Queensland
Website: Please click here
Committee: Roslyn Dalton (UQ) - Chair; Clint Caldicott (UQ) - Secretary; Alex Wheeler (UQ) - Treasurer; Owen Welsh (UQ) - Sponsorship Officer; Honor Wilson (QUT) - Website Administration and Communications; Liz Elphick (QUT) - Program and Abstracts

16 November 2018 – GESSS TAS
Location: The University of Tasmania
Website: Please click here for more details
Committee: Sian Tooze - Chair; Matthew Ferguson; Tom Shcaap (all UTAS)

29 November 2018 - GESSS WA
Location: The University of Western Australia
Website: Please 
click here
Committee: Vic Hollaway (UWA) - Chair; Julian Chard (Curtin) - Vice-Chair;  Erin Martin (Curtin) - Secretary; Adam Nordsvan (Curtin) - Abstracts and social media; Vitor Barrote (Curtin) - Curtin HDR committee rep.; Liam Olden; Sean Makin (Curtin), Lillian Kendall-Langley (UWA)

3-4 December 2018 - GESSS NSW
Location: The University of Sydney
Website: Please click here
Committee: Amanda Thran (USYD) - Chair; Anthony Lanati (MQU) - Advisor from 2017;  Sabin Zahirovic (USYD) - Faculty Advisor; Claire Mallard (USYD) - Faculty Advisor

5 December 2018 - GESSS SA
Location: The University of Adelaide
Website: Please click here
Committee: Drew Lubiniecki (UniAde) - Chair; Adrienne Brotodewo (UniSA) - Vice-Chair; Georgie Virgo (UniAde) - Treasurer and Sponsorship; Renée Tamblyn (UniAde) - Program; Jacinta Greer (UniAde) - Advertising and social media; Sheree Armistead (UniAde);