GSA Earth Sciences Student Symposium (GESSS)

GESSS is an initiative of the Geological Society of Australia. Student conferences organised by students for students in NSW, QLD, SA, TAS & WA. Registration is free for Students and Non Student GSA Members.
GESSS 2017 Abstract Volume

This abstract volume represents the collective work of undergraduate and postgraduate geoscience students from New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania and Queensland presented at the inaugural Geological Society of Australia Earth Sciences Student Symposiums (GESSS) held in respective states throughout November 2017. Each abstract was given as an oral or poster presentation by the student, and the work forms part of their own research.

In 2017, the inaugural GSA Earth Science Student Symposia were launched across four Australian states including:

1 November 2017 - GESSS QLD

Location: The University of Queensland, Brisbane

10 November 2017 – GESSS NSW

Location: Macquarie University, Sydney

16 November 2017 – GESSS TAS

Location: Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies, Hobart

24 November 2017 – GESSS SA

Location: The South Australian Core Library, Adelaide