2017 Australia Event Listing

30 March 2017 - Victorian Division Monthly Meeting
Topic: Granite formation and the origins of isotopic heterogeneity
Speaker: Kieran Iles

April 2017 - Tasmanian Division Field Trip 
Where: Clear Hill Road, near Lake Gordon

Time: 8:00am-6:30pm
Content: Folded and deformed Cambrian and Ordovician sequences deposited in a variety of sedimentary environments. Stops will be made at known fossil localities and excursion participants can almost certainly be guaranteed to bag a trilobite fragment and brachiopod! The area has great views of some of the mountains of southwest Tasmania and Lake Gordon.
Notes: For further information contact Phil Sansom on 0427 391422 or geoedtas@iinet.net.au

13 April - New South Wales Division Meeting and Annual General Meeting
Topic: Unravelling a miner's myth that environmental contamination in mining and smelting towns is naturally occurring
Speaker: Prof Mark Taylor, Macquarie Universtiy
Location: The King Street Brewhouse, Sydney
Time: 5:30pm
Abstract: To read the abstract please click here
Note: This meeting also includes the Annual General Meeting. The first items on the agenda for the AGM are the elections for the following positions on the NSW division committee:
- Chair
- Secretary
- Treasurer

- Newsletter Editor
If you are interested in nominating anyone for a position on the NSW Divisional committee you can nominate at the AGM or return a signed & scanned nomination form to Mira van der Ley (Newsletter Editor, NSW Division; m.vanderley@unsw.edu.au) by 6th April

19 April 2017 - Woolshed Creek Fossil Site Opening Ceremony
Time: 2:00pm
Location: Vehicle access to the fossil site is through the Duntroon College and Australian Defence Force Academy campus, Canberra. See PDF attachments for a map
RSVP: Please confirm your attendance to Cathy Brown by  Friday 7th April by email: cathy.brown@ga.gov.au
Notes: The newly restored ACT heritage-listed fossil site on Woolshed Creek near Canberra Airport, funded by a Heritage ACT grant and Roads ACT, will be formally opened during the 2017 ACT Heritage Festival by the ACT Minister for the Environment and Heritage, Mick Gentleman, MLA. The Geological Society of Australia (ACT Division) cordially invites you to attend the event and inspect the restored fossil site of predominantly Silurian brachiopod fossils first discovered in 1844 by the renowned geologist, Rev. William B. Clark, the “Father of Australian Geology”.

19-21 April 2017 - Target 2017: Innovating Now for Our Future
Location: University of Western Australia: Octagon Theatre and Uniclub, Perth
Notes: For more information, please visit:

26 April 2017  Western Australian Division - Medals & Awards Night
Awards: AE Ringwood Medal - Professor Malcolm McCulloch and Gibb Maitland Medal – Dr Ian Tyler
Location: IOMRC Auditorium, University of Western Australia
Time: 6:00pm for welcome, food and drinks; 7:00pm awards commence; 8:45pm close
Speaker: Professor Malcolm McCulloch
Topic: Reconstruction of the uptake of anthropogenic CO₂ into the oceans, and lessons from the past
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26 April 2017 - Queensland Division Meeting: April Technical Talk and 2017 AGM
Topic: The Capricorn Copper Project (a.k.a. Mount Gordon)
Speaker: David A-Izzeddin, Capricorn Copper Pty Ltd (to be confirmed)
Time: 5:15 pm for 6:00 pm
Location: Transcontinental Hotel, 482 George St, Brisbane — directly opposite the Roma Street Station (Meet at the back of the main bar on the ground floor for complimentary finger food — RSVP not required)
Note: The talk will be preceded by a short Annual general Meeting of the Queensland Division with delivery of brief reports by the Chairman and Treasurer and election of the committee for 2017–18. See nomination forms attached to The Queensland Geologist newsletter.

27 April 2017 - Victoria Division Meeting: April Technical Talk
Topic: Salty Megafauna from Long Ago (Dispatches from the new frontier of Australian palaeontology)
Speaker: Dr Erich M. G. Fitzgerald
Time: 5:30 pm for 6:15 pm
Location: Fritz Loewe Theatre, McCoy Building, University of Melbourne
27-28 April 2017 ─ Sydney Basin Symposium
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2 May 2017 - HEDG Meeting
Topic: New technological applications for geoscience
Speaker: Prof Richard Hillis (CEO, Deep Exploration Technologies Collaborative Research Centre)
Location: McIntyre Theatrette, Newcastle Museum
Time: Drinks and nibbles at 6.00pm, presentation at 6.30pm


4-7 June 2017 - Future understanding of tectonics, ores, resources, environment and sustainability
Location: Townsville
Notes: Hosted by the Economic Geology Research Centre (EGRU), James Cook University
For abstract submission, please visit https://www.jcu.edu.au/futores/abstract-submission
For more information, please visit: www.jcu.edu.au/futores
FUTORES II First Circular

11-14 June 2017 - Rodinia 2017: Supercontinent Cycles and Global Geodynamics 
Location: Townsville
16-21 June - Post Conference Fieldtrip: Mount Isa Terrane Transect
Abstracts: Due 30 March - submit to 
Click here for the first circular 
Click here for the conference flier

27 June 2017 - HEDG Meeting
Topic: Geology of the Warrumbungles - New geophysics, mapping and 3D modelling of the ~15 Ma shield volcano

Speaker: TBA
Location: McIntyre Theatrette, Newcastle Museum
Time: Drinks and nibbles at 6.00pm, presentation at 6.30pm

5-6 August 2017 - Geoscience Educators (AUGEN) Conference
1. Strategies for supporting success in earth science education
2. Creating opportunities for work-integrated learning (WIL) in earth sciences
3. Earth science education and literacy inside and outside university walls
4. Research in the classroom and laboratory
5. Improving quantitative approaches in earth science teaching and learning
6. Tomorrow’s global geoscience workforce
Location: University of Sydney
Abstract deadline: July 7, 2017
Please click here to register

15 August 2017 - HEDG Meeting

Topic: Plate tectonics and long-term climate: A deep time perspective of planetary climate (National Science Week - 2017 theme is ‘Future Earth’)

Speaker: Dr Sabin Zahirovic, EarthByte Group at the University of Sydney
Location: McIntyre Theatrette, Newcastle Museum
Time: Drinks and nibbles at 6.00pm, presentation at 6.30pm

6-8 September - Discoveries in the Tasmanides, (Mines and Wines 2017), AIG/SMEDG/GSNSW
Location: Orange, NSW
For more information, please go to www.minesandwines.com.au

25-28 September - Granites 2017: crustal evolution and mineralisation
Location: Benalla, Victoria
For more information and to register: Granites 2017 website

29-30 September - Specialist Group in Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Petrology
Location: Benalla, Victoria
To register go to: SGGMP registration page
For information about student bursaries email: simon.turner@mq.edu.au

10 October 2017 - HEDG Meeting
Topic: The use of natural resources by local indigenous people (Earth Science Week 2017 theme is ‘Earth and Human Activity’)

Speaker: TBA
Location: McIntyre Theatrette, Newcastle Museum
Time: Drinks and nibbles at 6.00pm, presentation at 6.30pm

30 October - 1 November 2017 - 16th Australasian Tunnelling Conference 
Location: Sydney
For more information, please go to 

8-12 November - Specialist Group in Tectonics and Structural Geology
Location: Denmark, Western Australia

To register click here
To find out more go to: Denmark conference website

28 November 2017 - HEDG Meeting
Topic: New earth science research from the University of Newcastle. Results of postgraduate research projects.

Speaker: TBA
Location: McIntyre Theatrette, Newcastle Museum
Time: Drinks and nibbles at 6.00pm, presentation at 6.30pm

2017 International Event Listing


2018 Australia Event Listing

10-18 February 2018 - 
Discover Volcanism - Hawaii, a trip for all geology enthusiasts
Location: Hawaii
Notes: This nine-day (8 night) field trip on the Big Island of Hawaii will expand your knowledge in the field of plate tectonics, hot spot volcanism and the geologic features and hazards associated with living on an active volcano. We will discuss volcanic edifices, eruption styles, magma evolution and see various types of lava flows, lava lakes, tree molds and lava trees, fault scarps, rifts, craters and calderas. For more detail, please see the attachments below:

13-17 August 2018 – Meeting of the International Mineralogical Association (IMA 2018)
Location: Melbourne, Victoria

14-18 October 2018 – Australian Geoscience Council Convention: Big Issues and Ideas in Geoscience
Location: Adelaide, South Australia
This convention is hosted by the AGC and all the Australian geoscience member societies.
More information is coming soon.
Themes include:
- Understanding the Earth
- Life on Earth – origins and diversity
- Resources – discovery, development, use and sustainability
- Applied Geoscience in the 21st Century – innovation, technology and the future
- Beyond the Rocks – Geoscience in our society: current application and future trends
Scientific and Technical Program Convenor – Chris Yeats chris.yeats@industry.nsw.gov.au
AGC President and Convention Chair – Bill Shaw president@agc.org.au
For more information, please go to: https://www.agcc.org.au/