Uncover Curnamona 2019


23-25 July 2019 - Uncover Curnamona 
Location: Broken Hill
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The Curnamona Province is a mostly-undercover sequence of Proterozoic rocks that extends from South Australia into New South Wales. As well as hosting the Broken Hill ore-body, the province is prospective for a wide-variety of mineral systems.

At Uncover Curnamona, participants will share information and ideas from current mineral exploration, and from cutting-edge research by Geological Surveys and collaborative partners under the UNCOVER Initiative themes.

Free Core Viewing and Industry Session or Line of Lode Geotour
Tuesday 23 July, 1.00pm/1.45m - 5.00pm

Spend Tuesday afternoon viewing a variety of geology and mineral systems from drillcore across the Curnamona and learning about NSW and South Australian online geoscience and exploration title systems at the EC Andrews Drillcore Facility (recommended for geoscientists). 1.00pm onwards

Or alternatively

Spend Tuesday afternoon on a Line of Lode Geotour around Broken Hill with a brief drillcore inspection and online systems tutorial at the EC Andrews Drillcore Facility (recommended for the general public and open for geoscientists). 1.45pm onwards Click here to secure your free ticket.

(Junction Hotel, 560 Argent Street Broken Hill)
Tuesday 23 July, 6.30pm - 7.30pm

Please join us at the Uncover Curnamona Icebreaker at the geo’s pub!
Some nibbles will be provided, drinks are at attendees expense.
Dinner is available at The Junction Hotel/Silvers Restaurant following the ice-breaker – both  la carte or pub meals – though bookings and meals are not part of Uncover Curnamona 2019.  Please contact the hotel on 08 8088 4380 to book a table.

Silvers Restaurant Menu
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2019 Uncover Curnamona Symposium
Wednesday, 24 July, 8.00am- 6.00pm

Presentations will include the following themes:
Current exploration projects
Including Broken Hill-type Ag–Pb–Zn, IOCG, stratabound Cu–Au, Ni–PGE, Sn and Co

Plans for the National Drilling Initiative Program in the greater Curnamona area

Characterising the cover
Depth, style and dispersion of cover, the use of airborne EM, and exhumation history

Lithospheric architecture
AusLAMP coverage, conductivity anomalies and the use of MT in uranium systems

4D geodynamic evolution and metallogenesis
Including Proterozoic, Cambro-Ordovician and Neotectonic geodynamics and implications for mineralisation

Distal mineral footprints
Hylogger™ applications, geochemical footprints in cover sequences

Dr Chris Yeats (Geological Survey of New South Wales) - An overview of the Curnamona: The NSW perspective
Rohan Cobcroft (Geological Survey of South Australia) - An overview of the Curnamona: The South Australian perspective
Keynote: Dr Steve Hill (Geoscience Australia) - The next Curnamona discovery is under cover … and there are plenty of clues and traces ready for you to follow
Dr Ian Roach (Geoscience Australia– What do you get out of AEM for mineral exploration and other stuff
Dr Nathan Reid (CSIRO) - 
National hydrogeochemistry – how we can help exploration in the Curnamona
Stephen Hore (Geological Survey of South Australia) - Mount Painter region; Investigating the Early Cretaceous glaciation also reveals a Devonian Hydrothermal Event
Dr Alison Kirkby (Geoscience Australia) - New AusLAMP data in NSW 
Ben Kay (University of Adelaide) - Lithospheric architecture in the Curnamona from magnetotellurics 
Dr Michelle Salmon (The Australian National University) - Mapping the crust and mantle using seismology and tomography 
Dr David Huston (Geoscience Australia) - National radiogenic isotope signatures 
Phil Gilmore (Geological Survey of New South Wales) - Mapping with multiple data sets
Claire Wade (Geological Survey of South Australia) - Mantle composition and the links between mineral systems in the Gawler Craton and Curnamona Province
Dr John Greenfield (Geological Survey of New South Wales) - Mineral potential mapping in western NSW
Prof. John Foden (University of Adelaide) - The Delamerian Orogeny
Stacey Curtis (Geological Survey of South Australia) - 4D geodynamic evolution and mineral systems of eastern South Australia: a plan for the National Drilling Initiative

Dinner (Venue TBA)
Wednesday, 24 July, 7.00pm

Field Trip
Thursday, 25 July, 7.30am- 6.00pm 
A one-day field trip to the Mundi Mundi area, to examine basement windows and cover sequence geology in one of the MinEx CRC focus areas.

Uncover Curnamona 2019 is an initiative of the NSW Department of Planning & Environment, Government of South Australia Department of the Premier and Cabinet & Geological Society of Australia Inc.

Registration for all events is free.

Lunch, afternoon / morning tea will be provided for the Symposium and Field Trip.

Afternoon tea will be provided at the Core Viewing and Industry Session

Icebreaker and Dinner costs are at your own expense.

Transport arrangements to / from the EC Andrews Drillcore Facility and for the Field Trip will be communicated to registrants.

You will need to arrange your accommodation and other meals are at your own expense. There are a few options for travelling to Broken Hill and you will need to pick the appropriate ticket for your circumstances. Travel options include air (REX), self-drive to/from Broken Hill, or bus service to/from Sydney or bus service to/from Adelaide.

Enquiries: geoscience.events@geoscience.nsw.gov.au

Registrations: Please click here