Council Election Process

Who needs to be elected?
The Governing Council is to be elected and appointed. Five General Councillors are elected by the membership. Four Division Councillors are nominated by the relevant Divisions.

The 2021-2023 Divisions requiring nominations will be Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and Australian Capital Territory Divisions.


Who can be elected?
Any Member in any of the following categories of membership who has been properly nominated to be elected or appointed:

Full Member
Graduate Member
Honorary Member
Joint Member
Life Member
Retired Member
Teacher Member
Tertiary Student Member

How are candidates nominated?
General Councillors
Nominations for candidates for General Councillors must:
· be in writing
· summarise their qualifications * to serve as a General Councillor
· be supported by 2 Full and/or Retired Members.

Divisional Councillors
A single nomination for Divisional Councillors must be submitted by the Divisional Committee to the Governing Council. Divisional nominees are to be endorsed by a meeting of the Division. The nomination from the Division must:
· be in writing
· summarise the nominee’s qualifications* to serve as a Divisional Councillor.

* Qualifications should be limited to no more than 400 words in total.


Key dates

17 September 2020: Call for General Councillor nominations

17 September 2020: Written advice to Divisions for Division Councillors

30 October 2020: Latest date for Division Councillor endorsement

20 November 2020: General Councillor nominations close

7 December 2020: Ballot material for the General Councillor positions to be sent to members

9 February 2021: General Councillor Ballot closes

9-12 February 2021: Declaration of Governing Council at the GSA Annual General Meeting during the AESC

More details

The following document provides more details for election process for the Governing Council