Governing  Council

Governing Councillors

The Governing Council comprises of nine Councillors. Five General Councillors are elected by the membership and four Division Councillors are chosen by the Division (according to the Division rotational model).
Council elections are held every two years and coincide with the GSA's biennial convention.

President: Dr Caroline Tiddy, University of South Australia

Secretary: Dr Jo Parr, CSIRO

Treasurer: Dr Sean Johnson

General Councillors

Dr Graham Carr
Mr Phil Gilmore
Dr Ian Pringle 
Mr Ian Withnall

Division Councillors

Dr Roger Bateman, Western Australia Division
Ms Christine Edgoose, Northern Territory Division 

Mr Sean Johnson, Tasmania Division 
Dr Jo Parr, New South Wales Division

Division Rotational Model

The Division Councillors are determined at the Division Annual General Meeting and the General Councillors are determined by postal ballot.
Note: Only current financial members of the GSA can nominate or vote. T
his model is based on the principle that the four Divisional representatives on Council, for any one two-year term, 
should collectively be as represent
ative as possible of the wide variation in the geography, membership numbers, and composition of the eight Divisions.

The Divisions have been classified as follows (based on membership numbers in 2012):

(a) Large membership (WA: 523; NSW: 426; Qld: 416; Vic: 296); Medium (SA: 202; ACT: 182) and Small (Tas: 117 and NT: 29); 
(b) Resource-oriented States: WA, Qld, SA and NT; 
(c) Non-resource/mixed economy: NSW; Vic; ACT; and Tas.

These categories have then been considered according to the following criteria: that two resource-oriented and
two non-resource-oriented (or mixed economy) Divisions should be represented at any one time; that 
two Divisions in each of those two categories should be geographically separated, if possible; and that the mix of large, 
medium and small Divisions results in approximately equal representation of membership numbers in each two-year term.

The GSA Council Election process includes essential information regarding the process, interpretation and references to the Rules, timeline and nomination information. 
This information applies to both the Division and General Councillor.

GSA Council Election Process
(Adobe PDF File)

The Divisional Councillor Nomination Form is the form to be used for all nominations. 
If you are in the ACT, Victoria and Western Australia you can nominate to be a Division Councillor.
Voting is done at the Division Annual General Meeting.
Your Division will communicate with you when the nomination forms are due and when they are holding their Annual General Meeting.

 The General Councillor Nomination Form is the form to be used for all general nominations.