Membership Reactivation

Restarting membership for Lapsed Members
Lapsed members who have not renewed their memberships with the Geological Society of Australia for several years can reactivate their memberships at any time.

If you wish to reactivate your lapsed membership you do not need to apply to join the society again or provide endorsements from sponsors.

The membership re-activation process involves:
- Contacting the GSA Business office on (02) 9290 2194 or
- Providing up-to-date address and contact details
- Specifying your membership and specialist groups
- Paying your membership fees

Members who reactivate their memberships mid-year will receive back issues of The Australian Geologist and The Australian Journal of Earth Sciences or Alcheringa that have been previously published that year (If they subscribe to the hard copy versions of the journals).

Lapsed members should not sign into the GSA website and pay for old invoices online - please contact the GSA Business Office instead.