Professional Accreditation

Geological Society of Australia Accredited Geoscientist Program
Members that want to have an additional level of recognition of their expertise can do so with the GSA Accredited Geoscientist program.

To recognise acquired expertise, 2 tiers of accreditation have been established. Accredited Geoscientist 5 (Ac.Geo.5) demonstrating five to ten years of expert geoscience practice and Accredited Geoscientist 10 (Ac.Geo.10) demonstrating 10 or more years of expert geoscience practice. 

Members will be required to obtain sponsors and referees for their application and to pay the fee.

Fields of Expertise

Environmental Geoscience
Geotechnical and Engineering 
Industrial Minerals 
Information Geoscience
Isotope Geochemistry & Geochronology 
Mineral Exploration

Palaeoclimate geoscience
Petroleum and Gas
Planetary Geoscience
Regional Geoscience
Structural Geoscience
Procedures & Guidelines
Please review and use the Procedures and Guidelines for Applications for Membership as Accredited Geoscientist before submitting your application.
Procedures and Guidelines
(Adobe PDF File)
After reading the Procedures and Guidelines, please complete the relevant forms below
Ac.Geo.5 documents
Ac.Geo.5 Application form
(Adobe PDF File)
Ac.Geo.10 documents
Ac.Geo.10 Application form
(Adobe PDF File)
Accreditation with another professional institute?
The GSA recognises that members may have accreditation with other organisations. If that is the case please use the Ac.Geo.R Application form below.
Ac.Geo.R Application form
(Adobe PDF File)

Maintaining Accreditation
Members maintain their expertise through 'Continuing Professional Development (CPD)', by attending workshops and symposia, participating in courses in developing expertise to keep up with contemporary developments, reading scientific journals, or in organising and contributing to these events. An Accredited Geoscientist must accrue an average of 50 points per year to maintain accreditation. Members may be audited on a periodical basis. 

A sample CPD template can be downloaded below.

CPD record
(Microsoft Excel Workbook)

GSA events that attract CPD points have this symbol.

Click here to view accreditation fees.
Please send applications and queries to

All members are bound by the GSA Code of Ethics (read here) and the GSA Code of Conduct.