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The Australian Geologist (TAG) is GSA's popular quarterly magazine that covers the broad scope of geosciences through special features, society news, conference details, regular reports, book reviews and news from Australia's geoscience sector. Earth Sciences feed into debates and resource management issues of crucial importance to Australians and our future. TAG aims to cover these and other specialist issues of interest to members and the general public in an accessible format. Get the latest on everything from dinosaurs to diamonds to energy delivery. 

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Editorial queries or Copy deadlines

TAG is published in March, June, September and December each year. Don't miss a copy deadline - contact us!

September 2020, issue # 196
Copy deadline: 20 July
Finished art: 27 July

December 2020, issue # 197
Copy deadline: 16 October
Finished art: 23 October

March 2021, issue # 198
Copy deadline: 22 January
Finished art: 29 February

June 2021, issue # 199
Copy deadline: 16 April
Finished art: 23 April

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TAG Editorial Policy

The Australian Geologist (TAG) receives articles, reports, letters, images and reviews from members of the Geological Society of Australia. Some content is solicited, but most is spontaneously submitted by members. Currently, decisions about the content of TAG are reached by consensus between the TAG editorial team of CEO, the Production Editor and the Technical Editor. In part, the input from all three individuals overlap, but the Technical Editor is the one with responsibility for assessing the scientific merit of an article submitted for possible publication. The Technical Editor may seek advice from scientific colleagues from time-to-time to make sure that the process of deciding on the content of TAG is rigorous and fair. In general, submissions to TAG are rarely rejected or censored, as GSA members have a right to express views. In particular, all letters and most reviews should be accepted in principle, provided they meet word limits and do not contain defamatory language. Scientific merit is not so important in letters and reviews. However, feature articles and special reports which have a content based in the Earth Sciences should meet what is regarded as generally accepted standards, in the sense that they are based on modern observations and ideas arising from rigorously assessed evidence. Whether or not a contribution meets those standards may be, in rare cases, a matter of judgement, but the ultimate decision must be left to the Technical Editor. The GSA Executive does not involve itself in editorial decisions on a day-today basis.

Prepared by: Bill Birch, TAG Technical Editor
Sue Fletcher, TAG Managing Editor and GSA CEO
Approved by the Executive Committee on the 31st January 2013