GSA Awards

David I. Groves Award 
A medal award for the best paper published in the Australian Journal of Earth Sciences by a young author, who must be the senior author: the eligibility criterion is that the senior author, at the time of submission, must have had a first degree in any relevant science for less than six years (i.e. the emphasis is on 'young' in experience, rather than young in age). The award may be made annually.

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David I. Groves Award.


2019 - K. Sobczak, S. E. Bryan, C. R. Fielding & M. Corkeron. From intrabasinal volcanism to far-field tectonics: causes of abrupt shifts in sediment provenance in the Devonian–Carboniferous Drummond Basin, Queensland. V 66/4, 497-518.

2019 - A. M. Piechocka,
J.-W. Zi, C. J. Gregory, S. Sheppard & B. Rasmussen. HRIMP U–Pb phosphate dating shows metamorphism was synchronous with magmatism during the Paleoproterozoic Capricorn Orogeny. V 66/7, 973-990.

2018 - A. R. Cherry,
V. S. Kamenetsky, J. McPhie, J. M. Thompson, K. Ehrig, S. Meffre, M. B. Kamenetsky & S. Krneta. Tectonothermal events in the Olympic IOCG Province constrained by apatite and REE-phosphate geochronology. V 65/5, 643-659.

2017 - K. E. Robertson, G. S. Heinson, D. H. Taylor & S. Thiel.  The lithospheric transition between the Delamerian and Lachlan orogens in western Victoria: new insights from 3D magnetotelluric imaging. V 64/3, 385-399.

2016 - N. Kharazizadeh, W. P. Schellart, J. C. Duarte, & M. Hall. The variation of crustal stretching and different modes of rifting along the Australian southern continental margin. V 63/2, 159-174.

2015 - D. Howlett, T, Raimondo & M. Hand. Evidence for 1808-1770 Ma bimodal magmatism, sedimentation, high-temperature deformation and metamorphism in the Aileron Province, central Australia. V 62/7, 831-852.

2014 - D. Hoy, R. Wormald & U. Shaanan. Geology and geochronology of the Emu Creek Block (northern New South Wales, Australia) and implications for oroclinal bending in the New England Orogen. V 61/8, 1109-1124.

2013 - S. J. Holt, S. P. Holford & J. Foden. New insights into the magmatic plumbing system of the South Australian Quaternary Basalt province from 3D seismic and geochemical data. V 60/8, 797–816.

2012 - D. T. Flannery & M. R. Walter. Archean tufted microbial mats and the Great Oxidation Event: new insights into an ancient problem. V 59/1, 1-11.

2011 -K. E. Howard, M. Hand, K. M. Barovich, J. L. Payne, K. A. Cutts & E. A. BelousovaU–Pb zircon, zircon Hf and whole-rock Sm–Nd isotopic constraints on the evolution of Paleoproterozoic rocks in the northern Gawler Craton. V 58/6, 615-638.

2010-C. Danis, C. O'Neill & M. A. Lackie. Gunnedah Basin 3D architecture and upper crustal temperatures. V 57/4, 483-505

2009 -J. A. Giddings, M. W. Wallace & E. M. S. WoonInterglacial carbonates of the Cryogenian Umberatana Group, northern Flinders Ranges, South Australia. V 56/7, 907-925

2008- J. L. Payne, M. Hand, K. M. Barovich & B. P. WadeTemporal constraints on the timing of high-grade metamorphism in the northern Gawler Craton: implications for assembly of the Australian Proterozoic. V 55/5, 623-640

2007 - I. M. A. Vos, W. Potma, F. P. Bierlein & H. A. Sheldon. Numerical modelling of the western Hodgkinson Province, northeast Queensland: implications for gold mineralisationV 54/1, 27-47

2006 - M. C. Quigley, M. L Cupper & M. SandifordQuaternary faults of south-central Australia: Palaeoseismicity, slip rates and origin. V 53/2, 285-301

2005 - C. Heine & R. D. MullerLate Jurassic rifting along the Australian North West Shelf: margin geometry and spreading ridge configuration. V 52/1, 27-39