GSA Accredited Geoscientists

Members endorsed through the GSA Accredited Geoscientist program

The following members of the Geological Society of Australia have achieved an additional level of recognition of their expertise with the GSA Accredited Geoscientist program.

Accredited Geoscientist 5 (Ac.Geo.5) demonstrates five to ten years of expert geoscience practice

Accredited Geoscientist 10 (Ac.Geo.10) demonstrates 10 or more years of expert geoscience practice. 

Phil Gilmore, Ac.Geo.10
Regional Geoscience
Mineral Exploration
Information Geoscience

Pete Kinny, Ac.Geo.10
Isotope Geochemistry and Geochronology

David Och, Ac.Geo.10
Geotechnical and Engineering
Structural Geoscience
Regional Geoscience

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