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A. E. Ringwood Medal
The A. E. Ringwood Medal is awarded to a person who has made exceptional research advances in the knowledge of fundamental Earth processes, especially through studies involving petrology and geochemistry and who is recognized internationally for the stature of that contribution. The medal is awarded at the Australian Earth Sciences Conventions, to be followed by the Ringwood Keynote Address by the medalists.

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Alfred Edward Ringwood Professor Ted Ringwood (1930-1993) was an outstanding earth scientist and a leader of great stature in his discipline. He made a major contribution to earth science through his experimental studies of high pressure phase changes and reactions. These were particularly relevant to understanding the properties, composition, structure and dynamics of the inner Earth, as well as providing a framework for models of mantle melting and their tectonic implications. He maintained a long term interest in the chemical composition and partitioning of matter during the formation of the solar system and his publications in this area remain influential in current thinking on the origin of meteorites and the terrestrial planets. He contributed to the study of lunar rocks returned from the Apollo missions and made landmark advances in understanding the chemistry and dynamics of the moon. Many will know of his invention of SYNROC a titania-based ceramic utilising natural crystal lattices to immobilise high level radioactive waste. Ted’s research output was prolific, including over 300 papers, two books and several patents. Ted was a great Australian nationalist and promoter of Australian science, while being a highly regarded and awarded earth scientist of the world.

A. E. Ringwood Medal

2021: Simon Turner
Presented at AESC, 2021

2018: Stephen Foley
Presented at the AGCC, 2018

2016: Malcolm McCulloch
Presented at the GSA WA Division Medals and Awards Night, 2017

2012: Tetsuo Irifune
Presented at the 21st AGC/AESC, 2014

2010: Roger Powell
Presented at the 34th IGC, 2012