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Garry Davidson Award 

Garry was an influential geologist within the Australian and global geoscience community, a prominent isotope geochemist and hydrologist, an enthusiastic and inspiring lecturer, a great promoter of early-career scientists, and a strong advocate for public interaction with geology - notably via his long and distinguished service to the GSA and the Tasmanian community. 

Outline of the award, its merit and selection criteria

  1. Addressing early and mid-careerist. This award is aimed specifically at early-mid careerists and covers contributions across all fields of applied geochemistry.
  2. Under-represented fields – Applied geochemistry (isotope and elemental) applied to hydrology, mineral exploration, environmental management and groundwater studies.
  3. Early contributions to the geological community. This award is essentially a “rising star award” in that it includes active involvement in the geological community, recognizing someone who is not only an accomplished research scientist but someone who has the ability to inspire younger geoscientists and promote geoscience.

Award recognition

This award recognises the contributions of an early-mid career individual whom has made substantial contributions to the field of applied geochemistry.  This includes the fields of applied isotope & trace element geochemistry, hydrogeology, exploration geochemistry, or environmental geochemistry.  The awardee will be an emerging leader in their field and a strong advocate for geology, with the ability to inspire future generations of earth scientists. 

Selection criteria:

  • Substantial early contribution to these fields based upon notable publications in peer-reviewed journals. Since this is aimed at early-mid careerists the designation of “substantial early contribution” will be determined based upon output vs opportunity;
  • Early to mid-careerist. Within 15 yrs of completion of their PhD, or postgraduate experience (excluding periods of career interruption);
  • A member of the GSA;
  • Evidence of impactful service to the geological community and
  • Evidence of being a new, dynamic emerging leader in their field, capable of inspiring future geoscientists.

Garry made substantial contributions across all of these fields, he was an inspiring teacher, a strong supporter of early careerist, and an advocate of service to the geological community and the promotion of its message.  He was a dedicated member of the GSA for many years, serving on committees and as the Tasmania Divisional Chair.  He was a fantastic ambassador and promoter of GSA and is likely one of the reasons why so many students and early careerists became involved in the GSA.   An inspiration to, literally, thousands of students that he taught and mentored, a brilliant geoscientist, a humble, decent man and a dynamic, supporter of Australian geoscience, whose legacy is well deserving of a permanent memorial by the GSA. 

Nominations closed on 31 July 2020

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Garry Davidson Award

2021: Caroline Tiddy
Presented at AESC, 2021