Economic Geology Awards

A. B. Edwards Medal
The A. B. Edwards Medal is awarded on an annual basis for the best paper on aspects of economic geology published in the Australian Journal of Earth Sciences. The award recognises important work in economic geology research in a broad sense (e.g., exploration geochemistry, ore deposit genesis and modelling, structural analysis of mineral systems, hydrothermal, magmatic and alluvial ore deposits). The purpose of the award is to encourage scientists to publish their work in the Australian Journal of Earth Sciences and consider the journal an appropriate forum to disseminate research findings and concepts relevant to economic geology.

A. B. Edwards Medal

Once a year and after publication of a complete volume of the Australian Journal of Earth Sciences, the executive and nonexecutive members of the SGEG Committee determine eligible articles and from these, the top three finalists are selected and ranked by majority vote. The selection criteria include:
(1) novelty
(2) potential international impact,
(3) quality of presentation and organisation, and
(4) quality of interpretation and conclusions.


2015 - P. C. Hayman, S. E. Hull, R. A. F. Cas, E. Summerhayes, Y. Amelin, T. Ivanic & D. Price. A new period of volcanogenic massive sulfide formation in the Yilgarn: a volcanological study of the ca 2.76 Ga Hollandaire VMS deposit, Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia. Australian Journal of Earth Sciences. V 62/2, 189–210.

2014 -
R. R. Loucks. Distinctive composition of copper-ore-forming arc magmas. Australian Journal of Earth Sciences. V 61/1, 5–16.


2011 - R. C. Morris & M. Kneewhaw. A critical review of genesis modeling for the Hamersley BIF-hosted iron ores of Western Australia. V 58/5, 417-451.

2010 - R. R. Anand & C. R. M. Butt. A guide for mineral exploration through the regolith in the Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia. V 57/8, 1015-1114.

2009 - N. C. Williams. Mass and magnetic properties for 3D geological and geophysical modelling of the southern Agnew–Wiluna Greenstone Belt and Leinster nickel deposits, Western Australia. V 56/8, 1111-1142.

2008 - J. M. A. Hronsky & D. I. Groves. Science of targeting: definition, strategies, targeting and performance measurement. V 55/1, 3-12.

2007 - R. M. Hough, C. R. M. Butt, S. M. Reddy & M. Verrall. Gold nuggets: supergene or hypogene? 54/7, 959–964.

2006 - G. R. Holdgate, M. W. Wallace, S. J. Gallagher, R. B. Witten, B. Stats & B. E. Wagstaff.Cenozoic fault control on 'deep lead' palaeoriver systems, Central Highlands, Victoria V 53/3, 445-468.

2005 - P. F. Hodkiewicz, R. F. Weinberg, S. J. Gardoll & D. I. Groves. Complexity gradients in the Yilgarn Craton: Fundamental controls on crustal-scale fluid flow and the formation of world-class orogenic-gold deposits. 52/6, 831-841.

1996 - M. J. Rickard , K. G. McQueen & P. Hayden. Structural controls on the Cowarra gold deposit near Bredbo, southeastern New South Wales. V 43/2, 201-215.

1993 - S. M. Llorca. Metallogeny of supergene cobalt mineralization, New Caledonia. V 40/4, 377-386.

1990 - M. Ahmad & J. L. Walshe. Wall-rock alteration at the Emperor gold-silver telluride deposit, Fiji. V 37/2, 189-200.

1990 - D. L. Huston. The stratigraphic and structural setting of the Balcooma volcanogenic massive sulphide lenses, northern Queensland. V 37/ 4, 423-440.