Specialist Group in Geochemistry, Mineralogy & Petrology (SGGMP)



Future Meetings
2-5 November 2021 - 'Earth, Sea and Sky' SGGMP Biennial Conference
Details: Join us in the beautiful southwest of Western Australia for the latest discoveries and developments in rock and mineral chemistry down under. An intimate four day meeting comprising talks, posters, discussions, field trips and social gatherings
Themes: Low and high T processes, Critical minerals and Global cycles
Location: Historic Caves House Hotel, Yallingup, 250 km south of Perth, in the heart of the southwest, an area renowned for its majestic karri forests, surf beaches, limestone caves, wineries and Indian Ocean sunsets.
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Chair: Steve Barnes

Co-Chair and Secretary: Pete Kinny
Curtin University

Treasurer: Yongjun Lu
Geological Survey of Western Australia

Communications Officer: Lucy McGee
University of Adelaide

IMA Rep: Louise Schoneveld

SGGMP Advisory Champion: John Foden

Outgoing Chair: Oliver Nebel
Monash University

Outgoing Secretary: Greg Yaxley
Australian National University