Specialist Group in Geochemistry, Mineralogy & Petrology (SGGMP)


Upcoming Meetings
24-28 November - SGGMP Biannual Meeting
Location: Northern Tasmania, likely in the area around Ulverstone
Details: The meeting will include three sessions on the key themes of geochemistry, mineralogy and petrology in a Gordon-style conference. Oral presentations and posters will likely have a 3-minute speed presentation for ECR. Contact: SGGMP.GSA@gmail.com

Past Meeting

Snapshots for the Group in Geochemistry, Mineralogy & Petrology at the IGC
Theme 5. Geoscience Information
Theme 9. Mineral Deposits and Ore Forming Processes
Theme 15. A Dynamic Earth
Theme 16. The Deep Earth
Theme 17. The Early Earth: Hadean and Archean Development of a Habitable Planet
Theme 18. The Proterozoic Earth
Theme 19. Geochronology and Isotope Geology
Theme 21. Magmatism – Settings, Compositions and Processes
Theme 22. Metamorphic Rocks and Processes
Theme 25. Marine Geoscience and Oceanography
Theme 26. Antarctic and Arctic Geoscience
Theme 27. Biogeoscience
Theme 29. Surficial Processes and Landscape Evolution
Theme 34. Major Geoscience Initiatives, Geosurveys and Maps
Theme 35. Geostandards
Theme 36. Regional, Thematic and Specialist Symposia

Chair: Oliver Nebel
School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment, Monash University
E: Oliver.Nebel@monash.edu

Secretary: Dominique Tanner
School of Earth & Environmental Sciences, University of Wollongong
E: dtanner@uow.edu.au

Treasurer: Yongjun Lu
Geological Survey of Western Australia
E: Yongjun.LU@dmirs.wa.gov.au

General Committee 
John Foden

Ralph Bottrill