Specialist Group in Planetary Geoscience


  • Provide a national focus for research into the origin and evolution of planets and planetary systems.
  • Support Australian research on extra-terrestrial materials, the origin of the solar system, surface processes on other planets, the nature of planetary interiors, the effects of impacts and the long-term development and evolution of planetary atmospheres and climatic systems.
  • Advance national strategic goals for research and education in geosciences relevant to planetary studies.
  • Encourage development of national and international linkages with other societies and organisations that benefit Australian geoscience.
  • Promote planetary geoscience to the broader community.

Snapshots for Planetary Geoscientists at the IGC

Theme 5. Geoscience Information
Theme 15. A Dynamic Earth
Theme 16. The Deep Earth
Theme 17. The Early Earth: Hadean and Archean Development of a Habitable Planet
Theme 19. Geochronology and Isotope Geology
Theme 20. Planetary Sciences
Theme 21. Magmatism – Settings, Compositions and Processes
Theme 32. Geoscience Information from Proximal and Remote-Sensing Technologies

Chair: Vacant

Hon. Secretary: Peter Haines
C/o Geological Survey of Western Australia
E: Peter.HAINES@dmirs.wa.gov.au

Hon. Newsletter Editor: Dr Jon Clarke