GSA Awards

Chris Powell Medal
This medal may be awarded at each regular field conference of the SGTSG for an outstanding research paper arising from postgraduate research on some aspect of structural geology or tectonics. The paper must be published at the time of nomination, the research it describes must have been undertaken as part of a postgraduate research degree (Honours, Masters or PhD), and the nominee must either still be a postgraduate student, or have completed their postgraduate degree no more than three years before the closing date for nominations. The nominee must be first author of the paper and must be responsible for a substantial portion of the content.

Chris Powell Medal

Nominees must be members of the SGTSG at the time of the award, and nominations should be made by a supervisor of the research project or other appropriate person. Nominations should include a copy of the paper, an explanation of why the paper is deserving of the award, and a statement outlining the nominee's contribution in cases of multiple authorship. Preference will be given to nominees who undertook their postgraduate research at an Australian institution. The choice of recipient is at the sole discretion of the SGTSG Executive Committee, who also reserve the right to not to make an award.

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2017: Nick Molnar
Presented at the SGTSG Conference in Denmark

2015: Nicky Wright
Presented at the SGTSG Field Conference in Caloundra

2014: No award given
SGTSG Field Conference in Thredbo

2012: Kara Matthews and John Stewart
Presented at the SGTSG Field Conference in Waratah Bay

2010: Alan Aitken
Presented at SGTSG Field Conference in Port Macquarie

2007: Mark Quigley
Presented at the SGTSG Field Conference in Alice Springs

2005: Gideon Rosenbaum
Presented at the SGTSG Field Conference in Townsville

2003: Nathan Daczko
Presented at the SGTSG Field Conference in Kalbarri