Specialist Group in Volcanology (LAVA)

Snapshots for the Group in Volcanology at the IGC

Theme 5. Geoscience Information
Theme 15. A Dynamic Earth
Theme 16. The Deep Earth
Theme 17. The Early Earth: Hadean and Archean Development of a Habitable Planet
Theme 20. Planetary Sciences
Theme 21. Magmatism – Settings, Compositions and Processes
Theme 25. Marine Geoscience and Oceanography
Theme 26. Antarctic and Arctic Geoscience
Theme 29. Surficial Processes and Landscape Evolution
Theme 30. Geohazards
Theme 33. History of the Geosciences
Theme 34. Major Geoscience Initiatives, Geosurveys and Maps
Theme 36. Regional, Thematic and Specialist Symposia

Chair: Jessica Trofimovs
Queensland University of Technology
T: (07) 3138 2766
E: jessica.trofimovs@qut.edu.au

Secretary/Treasurer: Sharon Allen
University of Tasmania
E: sharon.allen@utas.edu.au

Committee Members
Rick Squire
School of Geosciences, Monash University
T: (03) 9905 4888
E: Rick.Squire@monash.edu

Emma Mathews
E: emma.mathews@ga.gov.au

Adrian Pittari
E: apittari@waikato.ac.nz